Deaf woman stabbed by neighbor who made noise complaint

EAST BOSTON, MA – A deaf woman, Cheryl Masucci, is recovering after a brutal attack outside her home. The assault occurred Friday afternoon at the Brandywyne Village apartments in East Boston, where Masucci resides.

Masucci, 56, has claimed that her 84-year-old neighbor approached her and stabbed her as she was attempting to enter her apartment. “I was stabbed in the neck and the hand,” said the injured woman on Monday. Additionally, she incurred lacerations on her hand while warding off the attacker, who she stated was armed with a large knife.

According to Masucci, the incident remains clouded in confusion as she can’t comprehend why anyone would want to hurt her. She said, “I don’t know why, I don’t know why.”

Masucci’s neighbors, an elderly couple, allegedly complained about persistent loud noise and pounding emanating from her apartment. The attacker’s wife suggested that her husband lost his patience due to the escalating disturbance on Friday, leading him to erupt in violence.

Reflecting on the accusations of noise disturbance, Masucci confessed to trying to be as silent as possible. However, she shared that she isn’t always aware of the noise she makes. 

In the face of adversity, Masucci expressed her resolve to overcome her ordeal and refocus on the simple things in life, like playing the lottery. 

Neighbors of the apartment complex expressed shock and disbelief at the attack. As per reports, the elderly suspect is currently hospitalized due to a heart condition. He is set to face four criminal charges, including assault to murder.