Denver party shooting leaves six shot, three dead

DENVER, CO – A party at a Denver industrial office complex turned deadly in the early hours of Saturday morning, with six individuals shot and three losing their lives. The Denver Police Department confirmed that officers were called to the scene at 12445 E. 39th Avenue around 1:37 a.m. following reports of a shooting.

Upon their arrival, the officers found one person with gunshot wounds who was subsequently declared dead at the scene. It later emerged that five other victims had made their own way to local hospitals for treatment. Tragically, two of these individuals did not survive their injuries, while the remaining three are expected to make a recovery.

The police have yet to release any information regarding the identities of the victims. Preliminary investigations suggest that the shooting occurred during a party at an industrial storefront, with evidence indicating the use of at least two firearms.

Denver Police Cmdr. Matt Clark confirmed that shots were fired both inside and outside the unit, and that multiple firearms were involved in the incident. The unit where the party was held is a leased space, currently occupied by a business. Clark was unable to provide further details about the nature of the business.

The incident has sparked concerns among neighboring business owners about their safety, with calls for the complex owner to bolster security measures. Patricia Alvarez, a local business owner, expressed her concerns about the safety of her business following the shooting.

The Denver Police Department is investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting and the individuals involved. No arrests have been made at this time.