Deputy charged with child abuse after beating his 13-year-old daughter over a tablet

VOLUSIA COUNTY, FL – Orange County deputy Tristan Chattic, has been charged with aggravated child abuse following an incident involving his 13-year-old daughter. Comments from various local news outlets indicate that Chattic became irate when his daughter used a tablet to assist with her homework.

According to an affidavit obtained from the Volusia Sheriff’s Office, the incident unfolded at Chattic’s home in Debary. Chattic allegedly objected when his daughter used the Alexa feature on her tablet to ask a homework-related question. His temper reportedly escalated when she defiantly plugged the device back after he had unplugged it.

The affidavit details a series of alarming allegations, including that Chattic yelled at his daughter, slapped her, and choked her. After pushing her off her chair and onto the floor, he even stepped on her back while he whipped her with his belt.

Chattic’s wife was not a witness to the entirety of the altercation. However, she did confirm seeing Chattic step on their daughter’s back while he beat her with his belt.

Later on, while being questioned by deputies, Chattic stated that he was upset as his daughter was supposed to be grounded from electronics. He maintained that his actions were merely intended to scare her.

Deputies noted in the same affidavit that a video camera within the house suspiciously had no recorded footage. Given the inconsistent accounts and missing video evidence, deputies arrested Chattic, who was subsequently released on a $5,000 bond.

Employed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office since February 2015, Chattic has now been relieved of his law enforcement duties without pay pending the outcome of the criminal investigation. Orange County Sheriff John Mina has reiterated the force’s commitment to ethical conduct and declared zero tolerance toward child abuse.

Chattic’s arraignment has been scheduled for Feb. 29 in the Volusia County Circuit Court.