Detectives search landfill for missing autistic teen

HENDERSONVILLE, TN – The search for a missing Tennessee teenager with autism has now extended across state lines and, most recently, to a landfill in Kentucky. Sebastian Rogers, aged 15, has been missing for over ten days since he vanished from his family residence in Hendersonville, Sumner County.

Local detectives have been carefully sifting through a landfill, following the trail of garbage from Rogers’ home. However, authorities were quick to clarify that this seemingly alarming development was a purely routine measure.

The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office assured that there was no specific information leading to the landfill. Rather, it was purely an investigative measure to eliminate all possibilities of where the teen could be located.

Efforts to locate Rogers have involved multiple agencies, adopting a range of search techniques. Authorities have deployed drones, helicopters, boats, and police dogs in their pursuit of finding the missing boy. In a more touching gesture, searchers have played the teenager’s favorite song, “Eye of the Tiger,” in hopes of drawing him out.

Katie Proudfoot, Rogers’ mother, discovered her son missing on February 26th. She was attempting to wake him for school when she found his bed empty. “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Anyone,” she expressed.