Doctor guilty of poisoning his patients’ IV bags

DALLAS, TX – A local anesthesiologist, Dr. Raynaldo Ortiz, infamously tagged as a “medical terrorist”, was declared guilty by a local jury for deliberately injecting a lethal substance into IV bags at his previous clinic in North Dallas. The unanimous verdict was reached by the 12-member jury after almost seven hours of deliberation.

Dr. Ortiz, wearing a mask, displayed no reaction as the verdict was delivered. The fallout from his diabolical actions led to a number of patients experiencing cardiac-related emergencies. Tragically, Dr. Melanie Kaspar expired after using one of the poisoned IV bags, as per the prosecutors.

The accused resorted to these horrific actions at Baylor Scott and White Surgicare North Dallas as an act of revenge for a medical misconduct investigation, asserted federal prosecutors. Ortiz was pointedly accused of contaminating patient IV bags with nerve-blocking and bronchodilation drugs.

A chilling segment of surveillance footage from August 19, 2022, indicates Ortiz placing an IV bag into a stainless steel warmer outside an operating room. A few minutes later, a colleague picked up the bag. Soon after, one patient suffered a heart attack.

On June 21, Dr. Melanie Kaspar inadvertently used an infected IV bag to rehydrate herself due to illness. Shortly after initiating the IV drip, she succumbed to a serious cardiac arrest event and died. Autopsy findings revealed her cause of death was due to bupivacaine poisoning- a numbing agent used infrequently as a strong pain reliever during surgery.

The trial not only saw heartbreaking testimony from John Kaspar, Dr. Melanie Kaspar’s husband, but also from the anesthesiologist who unearthed the tainted bags and a teenager who suffered cardiac arrest during surgery.

The ordeal began shortly after Ortiz was informed about disciplinary action against him regarding mishandling a medical emergency, stirring his anger against the center. The dubious actions noted by other doctors suggested Ortiz felt persecuted by the center.

A total of 13 patients faced similar cardiac incidents between May and August 2022. However, Ortiz was charged only for causing harm to four of them. A presiding judge ordered Ortiz’s detention before trial due to his threat to the community, taking into account his past violent actions.

Ortiz was found guilty on several counts, including tampering with consumer products and purposefully adulterating a drug leading to serious injury. Sentencing is to be scheduled within the next two to three months, with a potential life sentence for Ortiz.