Drake’s security guard shot at rapper’s home

TORONTO, CANADA – In a shocking incident, a member of rapper Drake’s security team was seriously wounded in a shooting outside the artist’s residence in Toronto on Tuesday, according to local law enforcement.

Toronto Police Service’s Inspector Paul Krawczyk informed the media that the incident, reported around 2 a.m. local time, landed the unnamed security guard in the hospital. He is currently in critical condition. The extent and specifics of his injuries remain undisclosed.

The incident emerges on the backdrop of an ongoing feud between rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar, with the Toronto home finding a place in the cover art of one of Lamar’s songs. However, police stressed they could not link this incident to any motive at this stage.

While it remains unclear whether Drake was present at the time of the shooting, authorities stated that they were in close contact with his representatives, who have been cooperative in the investigation.

According to Krawczyk, the guard was stationed at the property’s entrance when the shooting took place. Although a vehicle played a role in the shooting, Krawczyk refrained from classifying it as a drive-by shooting yet.

Emphasizing the preliminary nature of the investigation, Krawczyk explained the limited information currently available to the media. Investigators are now sorting through video evidence from the incident.