Drought Reveals Fourth Set Of Human Remains In Lake Mead

Fourth set of human remains found at Lake Mead – Los Angeles Times

A sign marks the water line from 2002 near Lake Mead, which has shrunk to a record low amid a punishing drought.

Visitors discovered more human remains at Lake Mead on Saturday, the fourth set recovered since May. Park rangers recovered the remains with help from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s dive team.

The National Park Service said Saturday that more human remains have been discovered at Lake Mead, the fourth set since May.

No details about how long the remains were in the lake or the person’s gender were immediately provided as the investigation remains ongoing. The Clark County Medical Examiner is trying to determine the cause of death.

The West’s ongoing drought has reshaped Lake Mead’s shorelines, and the lake’s depth is the lowest it’s been since 1937. The water level in the lake has dropped so low that it has exposed a sunken World War II-era vessel.

The remains found in Hemenway Harbor on May 1 are believed to belong to someone who died in the mid-’70s to early ’80s. A second set of remains was found at Calville Bay on May 7 and are believed to belong to someone between ages 23 and 37.

Police have speculated that more remains may be discovered as the water level at Lake Mead continues to recede. The lake surface has dropped more than 170 feet since the reservoir was full in 1983.

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