Driver crashes car into Buckingham Palace

LONDON, ENGLAND – A motorist was apprehended early Saturday morning after crashing his vehicle into the primary gates of Buckingham Palace, according to London Police. The police secured the scene, pointing their firearms at the man who became compliant, placing his hands atop his head as seen in a video accessed by SWNS.

In a statement, authorities shared, “Armed officers arrested a man at the scene.” They continued their statement by saying, “He was taken to hospital. There were no reports of any injuries.”

Investigations are currently underway to establish the specifics of the incident, which occurred outside the royal residence in Westminster, Central London at about 2:33 a.m. None of the members of the Royal Family were present inside Buckingham Palace when the incident transpired.

An eyewitness at the scene heard a loud noise and saw the arrested individual’s car crashed into the palace. The unidentified witness stated, “Police were on the scene pretty quickly– and they got the man out and arrested him.” The arrested driver was taken to a hospital for medical assessments.

King Charles, who conducts his office from the palace, resides in the Clarence House, a structure not far from the famed Buckingham Palace.