Driver shot dead while police served drug warrant

MEMPHIS, TN – An incident on Friday left a man dead when he drove towards the authorities at top speed while they were implementing a search warrant in a neighborhood in Memphis, according to official sources.

As per Sheriff Floyd Bonner of Shelby County, the event unfolded in the Orange Mound neighborhood. During the afternoon, deputies were focusing on carrying out a high-risk drug warrant when a man waiting in a vehicle began to drive directly towards a SWAT team at a high speed. In response, the deputies opened fire and killed the driver, who has yet to be named.

Fortunately, no deputies sustained injuries during the skirmish. Subsequent to the shooting, four individuals have been taken into custody for interrogation and are expected to face charges.

In the search that was carried out post-incident, the deputies discovered several firearms, including one that had been fitted with a Glock switch, enabling the handgun to be used as an automatic weapon.

As the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation handles the ongoing inquiry into the shooting, this occurrence is reminiscent of another episode that transpired merely six days prior. In this, nine people were gunned down at a park located in Orange Mound. Of these, two men lost their lives, while the remaining seven sustained injuries but survived the attack.

Additionally, it was only two weeks ago that a shootout led to the death of Memphis Police Officer Joseph McKinney while the authorities were investigating a suspicious vehicle, with one suspect being killed in the process.