Drunk man jumps off cruise ship in front of his family

ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE, CUBA – An 18-year-old male onboard Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas cruise ship is believed to have committed suicide by jumping overboard at around 4 a.m. on Thursday. The ship was cruising between Cuba and the Grand Inagua Island of the Bahamas at the time of the tragic incident. A passenger on the ship, Bryan Sims, stated that the man had been intoxicated and his father and brother were both present when he jumped from one of the decks.

Eyewitnesses said that his father and brother were unable to do anything but watch as the young man leaped into the sea. Bryan Sims, a fellow passenger, recounted his encounter with the man before the incident. The distressed passenger reputedly told his father, “I’ll fix this right now,” just before jumping out, as narrated by Sims. The scene immediately alerted the cruise ship’s crew.

Deborah Morrison, another passenger, stated that the family was in a terrible state of shock and distress. Meanwhile, Bryan Sims expressed disbelief at the turn of events, describing the incident as surreal. After the incident, the ship’s crew along with the US Coast Guard initiated a search and rescue operation. Royal Caribbean, through a statement, acknowledged the incident and expressed their support to the distressed family.

The news spread quickly among the ship’s guests, with many stepping out of their cabins, hoping to spot the young man in the sea. Amy Phelps Fouse, who was among the passengers, commended Royal Caribbean’s handling of the communication throughout the ordeal.

Overboard incidents are relatively infrequent on cruise ships, and they usually result in fatalities, whether accidental or intentional. Cruise lines have been implementing safety measures and surveillance systems to mitigate such incidents.

Despite the ongoing search and rescue operation conducted by the Coast Guard, the individual remains unaccounted for.