Eerie babycam footage released of 13-year-old charged with his mother’s murder

MIAMI, FL – A Miami-Dade teen faces murder charges in the chilling death of his mother, new evidence presented by the district attorney’s office has revealed. A haunting image from a home security camera shows the 13-year-old honors student, identified as Derek Rosa, towering above his sleeping mother, Irina Garcia, in her bed, half an hour before he allegedly killed her on October 12.

The picture, captured at about 11 pm, indicates a moving arm in the frame, although no additional details pertaining to the picture have been released by the prosecutors. Another photograph, timestamped an hour earlier on the same night, shows Garcia in her bed, holding her two-week-old baby.

The disturbing case took a more eerie turn when investigators produced a selfie Rosa allegedly sent to a friend after the murder, depicting what appears to be blood on his hands. Images of a bloodstained, pink-handled knife were also made public.

Rosa, who has been charged as an adult in his mother’s murder, has entered a plea of not guilty. The defense has not yet claimed any mental illness as part of his defense strategy. Despite objections from the teenager’s stepfather and prosecutors, who pointed out that others had had access to the apartment since the crime was committed, a judge granted a request for Rosa’s defense to inspect the crime scene.

Rosa’s arrest last month shocked neighbors and his family alike, who described him as a happy and dedicated student who showed no signs of violent behavior.