Escaped killer flees again after being shot by homeowner

COVENTRYVILLE, Pennsylvania – An escaped convict, Danelo Cavalcante, was shot by a homeowner on Monday night. This happened after he was found in the homeowner’s garage attempting to steal a rifle, according to authorities. The incident occurred on Coventryville Road, prompting a swift response from the Pennsylvania State Police. Cavalcante, who has been on the run since August 31, managed to flee the scene before law enforcement arrived. However, a green sweatshirt and a white T-shirt believed to belong to the convict were discovered nearby, leading to an expanded search perimeter.

This encounter with the homeowner marks a significant development in the manhunt for Cavalcante, who is considered armed and extremely dangerous. Earlier that evening, a motorist reported seeing a man matching Cavalcante’s description in the wood line along Fairview Road. Footprints and mud, identical to the prison shoes worn by Cavalcante, were found in the area, along with his discarded prison shoes. Authorities also received information that a pair of work boots had been stolen from a nearby porch.

Residents in the area have been on high alert since the incident. Matt Bauer, a local resident, described the tense atmosphere, with armed officers patrolling the streets and helicopters flying overhead. Checkpoints have been set up in the search perimeter, causing delays for residents as their vehicles are thoroughly searched. The shots fired during the confrontation were believed to have occurred within a mile of Bauer’s home, which is located in a sparsely populated area with abandoned buildings, woods, and open fields.

Cavalcante, who was recently sentenced to life in prison without parole for fatally stabbing his former girlfriend, escaped from Chester County Prison in Pocopson Township by scaling a wall and climbing onto the roof. Law enforcement officials have been actively pursuing him since his escape, with the search transitioning from wooded areas to more urban settings. Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Clark expressed confidence that law enforcement now has the advantage in the “long game” hunt for Cavalcante.

As the manhunt continues, authorities are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. Cavalcante’s desperate attempts to seek support from former colleagues have raised concerns among law enforcement, who are determined to apprehend him. The Pennsylvania State Police and other agencies involved in the search remain committed to locating Cavalcante and ensuring the safety of the community.