Ex-agent for Border Patrol faces possible death penalty for murdering mistress and child

In a harrowing trial, Ronald Anthony Burgos-Aviles, a Border Patrol agent, is facing two counts of murder for the deaths of his lover, Grizelda Hernandez, and their young son, Dominic Alexander Hernandez. The murders took place in April 2018, and Burgos-Aviles was identified as a person of interest within minutes of the crime. The agent called 911 and stayed at the scene.

Hernandez and Burgos-Aviles began a relationship while he was living with another woman with whom he had children. Hernandez revealed she was pregnant and initially intended to raise the child on her own. However, she eventually reached out to Burgos-Aviles for financial assistance for daycare and bills. The wrongful death lawsuit describes Burgos-Aviles’ reaction as “resistant and irate” and says that he was concerned about the impact this would have on his other relationship and his job.

Burgos-Aviles allegedly asked Hernandez to meet him at Father McNaboe Park on April 9, 2018, with their son. Hernandez and her son were stabbed to death, and their bodies were found in a secluded wooded area with an empty stroller and belongings scattered nearby. The wrongful death lawsuit alleges that the bodily injuries inflicted by Burgos-Aviles did not kill them instantly, and both had to endure excruciating pain and suffering before finally succumbing to their injuries.

The trial is ongoing, and if convicted, Burgos-Aviles could face the death penalty. Hernandez’s family is seeking justice for the brutal murders of their loved ones, and the trial is expected to reveal more details about the tragic events that took place in April 2018.

The case highlights the dangers of domestic violence and the need for better support for victims. It also raises questions about the screening process for Border Patrol agents and the potential for abuse of power in law enforcement. As the trial continues, the families of Hernandez and her son are hoping for justice and closure.