Ex-wife of NFL player charged with plotting his murder

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – An American woman currently on trial for allegedly plotting her husband’s murder is allowed to visit family in Alabama for the holidays, Bahamian court ruled on Thursday. Lindsay Shiver was previously restricted from leaving the Bahamas as part of her bail conditions.

Shiver is accused of drafting a plan to hire a hitman to execute her husband, Robert Shiver, during their vitriolic divorce. However, the judge permitted her to travel back to the U.S., setting specific caveats. Robert stated during the hearing that he feels “thankful to be alive” following the alleged conspiracy.

The former beauty queen’s attorney presented to the court that Lindsay is a incomeless single housewife sustained by her parents’ savings, reported Court TV. Lindsay has been granted permission to leave the Bahamas, but she is required to wear her ankle monitor at all times and is banned from visiting Georgia, where Robert is currently residing in their former shared home.

She has been permitted to attend divorce and custody hearings in Georgia, and has been instructed to avoid any contact with Robert. Lindsay is reportedly planning to stay with her family in Alabama. The suspect, her reported lover Terrance Bethel, and the alleged hitman Faron Newbold Jr., were all apprehended in the Bahamas in July and subsequently pled not guilty to all charges. Lindsay’s trial is set to commence in March.

The alleged assassination plot emerged at the height of a contentious divorce proceeding following the breakdown of the couple’s 13-year marriage. Robert and Lindsay both lodged serious allegations against each other during the divorce proceeding, with each seeking primary custody of their children and exclusive use of their $2.5 million Georgia property.

According to bodycam footage, Lindsay called 911 on Robert on July 16 after he denied her a ride on their private jet so that she could meet her lover in the Bahamas. On the same day, she allegedly communicated the message “Kill him,” to Newbold via WhatsApp. Five days after sending this message, Lindsay, Bethel, and Newbold Jr., were arrested in the Bahamas on charges of conspiring to murder Robert.