Factory fined after workers fell into a vat of chocolate

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently imposed a fine of more than $14,500 on Mars Wrigley, a confectionary factory in central Pennsylvania.

The fine has been issued following a strange workplace accident that took place last year.

The accident involved two workers who fell into a vat of chocolate at the Elizabethtown M&M/Mars factory while performing maintenance work. However, there were many issues within the company that led to the unfortunate incident.

According to the OSHA report, the workers were not authorized to work in the tanks. Additionally, the two male workers were not trained on the proper safety procedures for the equipment.

The men were rescued by emergency responders who cut a hole in the bottom of the tank. Both were taken to hospitals, with one transported by helicopter to receive medical attention.

In response to the incident, a company representative stated that worker safety and the safety of outside contractors is of utmost importance to the business.

The representative expressed gratitude for OSHA’s collaborative approach in conducting an after-action review of the incident.