Family dog kills sleeping 6-week-old baby in crib

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Last Thursday, Knoxville, Tennessee, bore witness to an unimaginable tragic event when a 6-week-old infant lost his life to the family dog while he was asleep in his crib.

Chloe, expressing her grief, said that being a mother to Ezra was the most honorable and cherished experience she’d ever had. They never envisioned fearing for their son’s safety, especially with their two dogs having no prior history of violent behaviors present in the home.

However, one of their Husky that was a part of their family for almost eight years, launched an unexpected attack on Ezra while he was napping.

Chloe, through her grief, hopes to raise awareness to others around the fact that any dog, regardless of their past behaviour, could unpredictably become harmful. In the wake of such a devastating event, the Mansoor family emphasises the importance of child safety. As they mourn the loss of their son, they are encouraging others to not overlook even the most fleeting moments with their loved ones.

In their grief, the Mansoors have chosen to assist other families by opting for organ donation for Ezra. They believe that this act, which will contribute to saving other people’s lives, provides them with some peace during their grieving period.

Chloe asked for prayers for her family as they, along with others who loved Ezra, grapple with his loss. The dog that acted out this fatal attack has been removed to a local animal center. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office is following standard protocol and is investigating the incident.