Family Dollar Employee Nearly Shoots Shoplifter to Death

A Family Dollar store employee in Phoenix, Arizona, has been arrested after shooting an alleged shoplifter who reportedly punched him in the face.

Kevin Salas Madrid confronted the suspected repeat shoplifter at the store near 68th Avenue and Indian School Road shortly before 8 p.m. on Wednesday. He asked the individual to stop stealing and leave the premises, as per local news reports.

The confrontation escalated into an argument, during which the shoplifter struck Madrid in the face. In response, Madrid pulled out a gun and fired at the suspect. It has been reported that he shot the individual ten times, even continuing to shoot as the person lay on the ground.

The shoplifter was taken to a nearby hospital with critical injuries. Madrid later informed the police that he did not know if the man had any weapons on him during the incident.

In a probable cause statement, police noted that Madrid admitted to making “the worst decision of his life.” He was subsequently charged with attempted murder, among other counts.

Reflecting on his actions, Madrid acknowledged that, in retrospect, his decision to shoot was excessive.

A spokesperson for Family Dollar has not yet responded to requests for comment on the incident.