Family friend charged with murdering 11-year-old girl

LIVINGSTON, TX – A Texas grand jury indicted family acquaintance Don Steven McDougal on dual capital murder charges on Monday related to the death of 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham. Court documents disclosed that McDougal was implicated for intentionally inflicting blunt force trauma that caused her death and committing or attempting to kidnap her in Polk County.

11-year-old Audrii was reported missing on February 15 when she failed to board the neighborhood school bus. The last reported sighting of the young girl placed her near her home in Livingston, Texas, approximately 75 miles northeast of Houston.

McDougal was taken into custody the following day on a non-related charge of aggravated assault. His arrest sparked interest in connection with Audrii’s disappearance after his dark blue Chevrolet Suburban was linked to the case by witnesses.

Just days later, on February 20, tragedy struck when Audrii’s body was discovered in the Trinity River. The river is around ten miles from her residence.

Audrii’s devastated mother, Cassie Matthews, expressed her anguish during a vigil that was organized in honor of her daughter. The event was attended by both family and friends who wore shades of purple and carried purple balloons as they gathered in prayer.