Fatal RV fire at gas station sparks investigation

STICKNEY, IL – A horrifying incident took place at a Stickney gas station on Wednesday afternoon when a recreational vehicle (RV) caught fire, resulting in one fatality and two injuries. The incident occurred at the Gas N Wash station located at 3800 S. Cicero Ave., at Pershing Road.

The individual who lost their life was reportedly inside the Covington LX RV, which was entirely consumed by the blaze. The two injured parties, who were outside the RV when the fire broke out, were hospitalized with suspected burn injuries. Upon arrival, investigators were initially unaware that a person was inside the burning vehicle.

Stickney Fire Chief Jeff Boyajian provided further details, stating, “One of the victims was out of the RV in front of the store. The other one was closer to the carwash.” After interviewing the witnesses, first responders learned that there was a third victim who did not make it out.

Witnesses reported a thick smoke and intense fire emanating from the RV, the orange glow of which was visible from the nearby Stevenson Expressway. A witness at the scene described the terrifying scenario, noting the potential for an explosion due to the proximity of the burning RV to the gas pumps.

The fire caused significant damage to the gas station, scorching the pumps and damaging the canopy over the Gas N Wash station. The RV was completely destroyed. Witnesses reported that other customers were present at the gas station when the RV became engulfed in flames, but it remains unclear whether they were in immediate danger.

Investigators are reviewing surveillance footage from the gas station and surrounding businesses to determine the cause of the fire. As of late Wednesday, authorities were still working to positively identify the individual who perished in the fire.