Father charged with murder after shooting driver who struck and killed his teenage son

A horrifying incident unfolded in Person County, North Carolina, on Monday when a driver struck a young boy who was walking on the road with his parents. The driver, identified as Jeffrey McKay, stopped and called 911. However, the situation took a violent turn when the father of the child allegedly shot and killed McKay. The father, Chad Woods, was later arrested and charged with second-degree murder and larceny of a motor vehicle. The teen’s mother, whose involvement remains unclear, was not charged in connection to the incident.

According to the Person County Sheriff’s Office, the family had run out of gas early in the morning near Dink Ashley Road in Timberlake. As they walked home on the side of the road, tragedy struck when their young son was hit by another vehicle. The child lost his life at the scene. McKay, the driver who hit the boy, immediately called 911 for help.

Then, the father of the deceased child allegedly pulled out a gun and shot McKay. The injured driver was rushed to a local hospital but succumbed to his injuries. The mother and father fled the scene in McKay’s truck, leaving their lifeless child behind. Deputies later located the stolen truck at the family’s residence and arrested Chad Woods.

Witnesses reported multiple 911 calls about a family walking on the roadway before the deadly incidents occurred. Patti Elliott, one of the witnesses, stated that she initially thought that a car accident took place at the scene. She also emphasized her belief that the driver of the truck was trying to do the right thing by calling 911 but ended up losing his life in the process.