Father Fatally Stabs 1-Year-Old Daughter Before Stabbing Himself

Police say the man who kidnapped the one-year-old girl stabbed himself after they caught up with him after a chase. The man and the child were both taken to the hospital, but it was too late.

Both the father and his toddler daughter died as a result of their stab wounds.

Alexander Ordonez, 24, broke into a tow truck business, attacked somebody, stole a tow truck, and drove the truck to his babysitter’s home. When he arrived at the house, he forced his way inside and kidnapped his one-year-old daughter.

The babysitter tried to stop Ordonez from taking the child, but she claims that he shoved her out of the way and took off.

Investigators were trying to track the suspect, but the vehicle was not equipped with any kind of tracking device, and they couldn’t find him anywhere.

An AMBER Alert was issued to recover the baby girl and the public was warned that she was dress in a red Whataburger onsie.

Just before 2 a.m. Wednesday, law enforcement agencies found the truck, leading to an almost hour-long chase. Ordonez was chased by police for with his child still in the backset.

The police finally caught up to him after using spike strips. The man stabbed himself after the vehicle stopped. The baby was already bloody when the suspect exited the vehicle, but the authorities can’t confirm when her injuries happened.

The one-year-old girl passed away from her stab wounds. Ordonez also died from stab wounds, though his were self-inflicted. The infant girl who was fatally stabbed was named Leylani Ordonez.

There is still an active investigation that is uncovering the circumstances leading up to this fatal incident of parental murder-suicide.