Father of 2 killed by poisonous snake in tragic accident

Tragically, a father passed away from what is believed to be a poisonous snakebite at a private residence in Queensland, Australia.

The man, who was in his sixties, was allegedly bitten on his hand. The incident took place prior to 10am on Saturday.

The victim, who had two children, passed away before emergency medical personnel could arrive on the scene.

The precise type of snake has yet to be determined through a toxicology report. However, it is speculated to be an eastern brown.

Michelle Vedredi, the neighbor of the man, revealed that she was inundated with calls and messages from relatives and acquaintances about the incident after his death. She stated, “they were asking if I was OK because the helicopter had been and there were four ambulances and cop car.”

Vedredi reported that the man had experience owning pythons and was knowledgeable in dealing with snakes

Heather McMurray, a contractor for Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, has stated that snake season in Queensland is at its high point- beginning in October and lasting until April. Murray shared, “The heat and the humidity is certainly bringing (snakes) out – the pythons are loving the humidity and the brown snakes are loving the hot, dry days.”

Law enforcement authorities will prepare a report for the coroner. They don’t consider the death to be of a suspicious nature.