Firefighter claims he got ‘runner’s high’ from abusing 2-month-old baby

OSHKOSH, Wisconsin – A Wisconsin man has been charged with child abuse after confessing to deriving a “runner’s high” from hurting a 2-month-old baby, according to a criminal complaint. The incident came to light when a police officer responded to a children’s hospital in Wisconsin on September 7. The baby, who had been born prematurely and spent over a month in the NICU, was admitted with extensive bruises and a brain bleed.

During the investigation, the officer spoke with Michael Ormond, 39, who allegedly admitted to having thoughts about harming the baby. Ormond confessed to squeezing the baby’s legs, arms, neck, and face, as well as pinching his toes, claiming he was upset with the baby’s crying. Following the incident, the baby went limp, prompting Ormond to call 911.

The criminal complaint further reveals that Ormond admitted to spanking the baby three times on the morning of the day the child was taken to the hospital. He reportedly stated, “I just gave three whacks, I don’t know why.” Ormond also disclosed to the police that he struggles with anger issues, and the infant’s crying triggers him, mentioning the “runner’s high” he experiences.

The complaint alleges that Ormond specified his issues were only with children between the ages of 0 and 9 months. The baby suffered from a subdural hematoma, extensive bruising all over the body, and hemorrhages in the retina. An MRI revealed severe brain bleeding, necessitating the baby’s transfer to a children’s hospital in Milwaukee.

Ormond was previously employed as a firefighter in Oshkosh but is no longer associated with the department. He now faces two counts of child abuse and is scheduled to appear in court on September 21 for further proceedings. Ormond’s attorney has not yet responded to requests for comment.