Firefighters shot in targeted attack at fire station

Two firefighters were shot on Wednesday morning in what appears to be a targeted attack at a fire station in Birmingham, Alabama. The incident occurred in the Norwood neighborhood around 8:30 a.m. Police are currently investigating the motive behind the attack, as it is highly unusual for a fire station to be targeted in this manner.

Birmingham Police Chief Scott Thurmond stated that the authorities suspect the attack was deliberate. He expressed concern over the incident, emphasizing that firefighters are dedicated to protecting and rescuing citizens, making it disheartening to see them critically injured. The police are working to determine the number of suspects involved and are actively investigating the individuals responsible for the shooting.

The Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Department confirmed on Facebook that two firefighters were shot at Fire Station 9. The victims were conducting routine checks on the fire engine and equipment when they were struck by gunfire. The firefighters were transported to the hospital in serious condition, having sustained injuries to their chests and legs. Police are now trying to find the suspect who was reportedly seen fleeing the scene in a silver car.

Birmingham Fire Captain Orlando Reynolds expressed his distress, calling it the worst day of his 25-year career. The motive behind the attack is not yet known, and authorities are askng that anyone with information to come forward. The police are particularly interested in any details that could help identify and hold the responsible individuals accountable.