Five killed after leaving their vehicles in snowy car crash

PENNSYLVANIA – In a horrifying turn of events in snowy northeastern Pennsylvania, five people were killed by a tractor-trailer on Interstate 81. The victims had exited their vehicles after a crash, only to be hit by the passing truck late Tuesday.

The incident unfolded when a minivan lost control and struck a median on the northbound highway in Lackawanna County at about 5:30 p.m. The four occupants of the minivan and a fifth individual, who had been following them in another vehicle, were all struck by the tractor-trailer, according to state police.

The unfortunate victims were all New York residents and appeared to be members of the same family. Authorities from the coroner’s office, several fire departments, and state police were sent to the scene.

A winter weather advisory was in effect until 4 p.m. Tuesday, as the area experienced several inches of snowfall that dwindled as the afternoon progressed. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the National Weather Service issued warnings of perilous road conditions due to freezing temperatures, urging motorists to be cautious.

The Pittsburgh area, grappling with snow and subzero wind chills, is slated for more snowfall on Friday, potentially complicating the morning commute with expected snow totals of around 1-2 inches, with 2-4 inches for the Ridges and Laurel Highlands.