Florida babysitter arrested for manslaughter after leaving baby in hot car that reached 133 degrees

An car-related incident in Florida has led to the arrest of a woman on charges of aggravated manslaughter of a child. The 10-month-old baby she was caring for was found unresponsive in a car that had reached a scorching internal temperature of over 133 degrees. The arrest report from the Baker County Sheriff’s office reveals the shocking details of the incident.

Rhonda Jewell allegedly left the baby unattended in the vehicle for at least five hours while outside temperatures soared to 98 degrees Fahrenheit. This negligence resulted in the tragic death of the 10-month-old. Jewell was entrusted with the care of the infant, along with three other children. She had picked up the baby from the parents’ home and driven to another location, where she was supposed to babysit all four children. However, Jewell claimed that upon arrival, she assumed the baby was asleep and went inside the house to interact with the other children, completely forgetting about the baby left in the car.

The heartbreaking discovery was made when the decedent’s mother arrived at the location to pick up her child. To her horror, she found the baby still strapped in a car seat inside the sweltering vehicle. The detective investigating the case examined the 10-month-old and found the child’s skin to still be scorching hot to the touch. Medical staff at the hospital recorded an internal temperature of 110 degrees, the highest the thermometer could read.

As a result of the evidence gathered, Rhonda Jewell was arrested for aggravated manslaughter of a child resulting in death. She was subsequently taken to the Baker County Detention Center. At present, no attorney is listed as representing her.

Authorities and child safety advocates continually stress the importance of never leaving children unattended in vehicles, even for a short period. Additionally, parents and caregivers should establish clear protocols to prevent such tragic accidents from occurring.