Florida council candidate arrested for stabbing husband and daughter

SOUTH FLORIDA – Julie Mitchell, a 54-year-old village council candidate, was arrested early Thursday morning following an incident where she allegedly stabbed her husband and teenage daughter at their Golfview Drive home. Mitchell now faces multiple charges, including several counts of aggravated battery and resistance of an officer with violence.

Police officers arrived on the scene around 7:30 a.m. after receiving a distress call from the residence. Upon arriving, they found Mitchell’s daughter outside the house, suffering from a head injury.

The teenager revealed to authorities that her mother caused her injury. Inside the house, police also discovered Mitchell’s husband suffering from a laceration on his upper left arm.

Gaining control of Mitchell, who still had the knife, proved challenging for the officers. However, they were eventually successful in disarming and apprehending her.

During a subsequent interrogation in the hospital where she was taken into custody, Mitchell made some startling revelations. According to her, she believed “Satan was living in her home,” her husband and daughter were “the devil,” and she thought both were dead after her violent attack on them.

The incident led to the shutdown of Mitchell’s campaign website, where one of the priorities listed was “sustaining high public safety standards.”