Florida man stabs his mom and sisters before family vacation

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL – A family cruise planned for the day after Christmas took a horrifying turn as a 23-year-old man reportedly stabbed his mother to death and injured his two sisters. Connor Crumrine of Florida has been charged with second-degree murder for fatally stabbing his 54-year-old mother, Jennifer Crumrine, a local elementary school teacher.

The incident unfolded when one of Crumrine’s sisters, Kasey Crumrine, called 911, reporting an attack at their family home in Chelsea Court, Port Charlotte. Upon arrival at the scene, police found Jennifer, who had sustained multiple stab wounds. They also found Connor actively struggling with his other sister, Savannah, in the bedroom, knife still in hand.

Despite police commands to cease his actions, Crumrine continued his combat against the officers, leading to his detainment after a physical confrontation, as per the complaint.

Tragically, Jennifer later succumbed to her injuries in the hospital. Investigations reveal that Savannah had earlier been told by her brother to “sleep face down tonight so he could take her to heaven.”

Authorities have indicated that mounting troubling behavior from Crumrine had led the family into a state of alarm, with family members taking turns to sleep and keeping their bedroom doors locked. The fatal attack seems to have been triggered when Jennifer informed Kasey to call for help from Charlotte Behavioral Health Care.

During his first court hearing on December 27, Crumrine was held on a $710,000 bond and ordered to not contact his sisters and refrain from possessing any weapons. His subsequent charge of second-degree murder followed this hearing.

Jennifer Crumrine, who was a beloved teacher at Sallie Jones Elementary School, has left her community in a state of shock. Connor Crumrine’s following court appearance is slated for January 29.