Former high school athletes killed in a fiery car accident during police chase

According to officials, three ex-high school athletes from Texas perished in a blazing car accident after a high-speed pursuit with law enforcement.

At approximately 4 o’clock on Thursday, the police attempted to stop 19-year-old Phabian Bynaum while he was driving at a high speed on US 190. Police stated that Davarius Bynaum, 20, and Malik Thomas, 21, were passengers in the vehicle.

All three of the young men were recent graduates from Cameron High School, who were also athletes.

Phabian was attempting to overtake another car as law enforcement was in pursuit of him when he lost control of his car.

In a statement from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the report said that the car struck a tree, careened through a fence, flipped over, and eventually burst into flames in a nearby field.

In the report, the department said: “Texas State Law requires motorists to pull to the right side of the roadway and stop when approached by an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens activated. Attempting to evade law enforcement in a motor vehicle is not only a felony, it places everyone on the roadways in danger.”

On Friday, Cameron High School organized a vigil in commemoration of the recent graduates.

At the vigil, a speaker remarked that not only the families were affected by this tragedy, but the whole community felt it as well.

Kevin Sprinkles, Superintendent of Cameron School, announced that counselors would be available to students in need of support.