Former mayor gets charged with triple-murder

SIOUX FALLS, SD – A former mayor of a small South Dakota town has been charged with triple murder by the state’s Attorney General. The arrest of sixty-four-year-old Jay Ostrem prompted assurance from Attorney General Marty Jackley of the removal of any further risk to the community.

While currently held at Minnehaha County Jail under a cash bond worth $1 million, Ostrem is representing himself in court. No details regarding the victims were released as their relatives are yet to be notified.

Ostrem’s political involvement in the small town of Centerville began in May 2009 when he was elected mayor. His departure from office took place in November 2011, with the City Council accepting his resignation. The specifics regarding his resignation are unknown as no clear information is provided in the city documents.

However, trouble seemed to follow Ostrem as the former town police chief filed a federal lawsuit against him and Centerville a year before his resignation. The lawsuit alleged Ostrem of sexually harassing the former police chief and included accusations of gender-based comments deemed unwelcome and denigrating.

The charges come in a town with fewer than 1,000 citizens, situated roughly 250 miles southeast of Pierre, South Dakota’s capital, emphasizing that crime permeates every social layer, even in the most unsuspecting communities.