Four people killed in fiery freeway car crash

A devastating late-night accident occurred on the 110 Freeway in South Los Angeles, claiming the lives of four individuals. The fiery crash took place near Slauson Avenue around 11:40 p.m. on Thursday, involving only one car.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) described the incident. They said that the vehicle, a sedan, was traveling southbound. Suddenly, for reasons that remain unclear, the car veered off the road. This caused the car to cross the right shoulder embankment.

The vehicle then headed toward the Slauson on-ramp before violently crashing into the freeway’s sound barrier.

Upon impact, the vehicle erupted into flames. When the CHP officers arrived at the scene, they discovered four occupants inside the car, which was entirely engulfed in fire.

At this time, none of the victims have been identified.

Authorities are actively investigating to ascertain what could have led to this disastrous accident. They are trying to figure out why the driver seemed to lose control of the vehicle.

While police have not confirmed if racing was a factor, they did note that high speed played a role in the crash.