Four victims shot during graduation party shooting

A graduation party in Manchester was marred by gun violence on Saturday afternoon. Four individuals, all in their twenties, fell victims to a shooting and were rushed to local hospitals, according to the Manchester police.

The authorities were alerted to the incident involving multiple victims around 4:50 p.m. on Saturday. The celebration was taking place near Ahern and O’Malley Streets when the shooting occurred.

The victims comprised two men and two women, all young adults in their twenties. They were treated for gunshot wounds at a local hospital, with the prognosis indicating that they are expected to survive the ordeal.

The celebration was in honor of a woman’s college graduation.

Approximately 30 individuals were present at the gathering, which included both infants and young children. Some attendees were reportedly grilling food, while others congregated at the front of the house when the incident occurred.

According to the family, a car pulled up to the house shortly before 5 p.m. Two individuals, shrouded in hoodies and masks, alighted from the vehicle and commenced firing at the party-goers. Family members and attendees rushed to assist the injured, with one man providing aid to a chest-wound victim until medical assistance arrived.

On-site witnesses reported hearing multiple gunshots. One individual was seen being transported via ambulance, while police were seen with long guns and canine units.

Lt. Matthew Barter of the Manchester Police Department informed that the investigation is ongoing. According to the police, two masked men approached the gathering, and at least one of them discharged a weapon.

Both individuals were witnessed fleeing the scene following the shooting. Preliminary investigations suggest that the act was not random.

Mayor Joyce Craig of Manchester addressed the incident, emphasizing that such acts of gun violence are unacceptable in the community. While expressing relief over the absence of fatalities, she conveyed sympathy for the victims and their families.