Freak accident kills man at South LA 7-Eleven

A freak accident at a 7-Eleven in South Los Angeles has left the community in shock. A 58-year-old man lost his life at the store, which is located at the intersection of W. Century Boulevard and S. Figueroa Street. The victim’s identity has not been released, and the investigation into his untimely death is still ongoing.

Late on Saturday night, the 58-year-old victim met a tragic end. Authorities revealed that a 37-year-old woman, who may have been refueling her vehicle, accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake while her car was in reverse. Her black pickup truck collided with multiple cars, trapping the victim between the driver and a parked vehicle.

Lupita Rosales, who was present at the store during the crash, described the incident as “scary and shocking.” She expressed her sadness, emphasizing that it was a simple mistake that led to such a tragic outcome. Another witness, Jesse Rosales, echoed this sentiment, calling it a “simple mistake, if that’s what it was.” Lupita Rosales added that incidents like these serve as a reminder that life can be unpredictable, and one never knows what might happen when stepping out of their home. One of the workers at the store also shared that these kinds of incidents were not uncommon.

Authorities are currently treating the crash as a fatal accident rather than a crime. Initially, the driver was taken into custody but was later released. While the police have not disclosed whether drugs or alcohol were involved, they have not ruled out the possibility of charges being filed in the future. Several other individuals were struck by parked cars during the incident, but fortunately, no one else was injured.