Grandmother arrested for hit-and-run death of toddler granddaughter

After nearly a month on the run, police have apprehended a grandmother who was wanted for allegedly killing her toddler granddaughter in a hit-and-run incident. Lisa G. Tesch, 51, had been sought by authorities in Jeffersonville, Indiana since June. It was discovered that she had fled across the Ohio River to Louisville, Kentucky. The arrest was announced by the Louisville police on their Facebook page. Tesch was taken into custody on Friday afternoon, facing charges in Jeffersonville as well as outstanding warrants from Kentucky.

Lisa Tesch has been charged with failure to remain at the accident’s scene, resulting in death in connection with her granddaughter’s tragic demise. Additionally, she is accused of violating probation in Indiana for unrelated charges, including resisting law enforcement, possession of a narcotic drug, criminal recklessness, reckless driving, and possession of marijuana. Both the Jeffersonville and Louisville police departments have worked tirelessly to bring Tesch to justice, and their efforts paid off when she was located on Glendora Avenue and arrested without incident, along with a family member named Joshua David.

The victim, 18-month-old Eleanor Campbell, succumbed to her injuries at Norton Children’s Hospital. On June 16, Eleanor was at a motel in Jeffersonville with her mother, Cheyenne Allen, and her mother’s boyfriend. Allen revealed that Eleanor had darted out of the motel room when her boyfriend opened the door. The toddler was reportedly excited to see her grandmother. Allen recounted how she tried to reach Eleanor before she was struck by a vehicle, but the driver immediately fled the scene.

Apart from the charges related to her granddaughter’s death, Tesch was also wanted for a probation violation. Kentucky corrections records indicate previous convictions for theft and receiving stolen property. The grieving mother, Cheyenne Allen, expressed her anguish, stating that her daughter did not deserve such a tragic fate. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help cover the costs of Eleanor’s funeral.

Lisa G. Tesch has been apprehended by the police after evading capture for almost a month. Facing charges in Jeffersonville, Indiana, as well as outstanding warrants from Kentucky, Tesch is now in custody. The tragic incident has left a grieving family and community in mourning. The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the hit-and-run continues, and it remains to be seen if Tesch has retained legal representation.