Grocery store shooting leaves 3 dead

MONTGOMERY, AL – A triple homicide rocked the city of Montgomery, Alabama, on Tuesday night, with the victims losing their lives in a minor grocery store. Tienda Los Hermanos, located in the southern part of the city, has been the latest target in a series of violent crimes against Latino-run businesses in the state’s capital.

Upon receiving reports of gunfire on Tuesday evening, police discovered two fatalities at the crime scene, while another victim later succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital. Acting Montgomery Police Chief John Hall identified the victims as George Elijah Jr. (50), Daniel Lopez (20), and Romero Lopez (43).

Investigators are exploring whether the store was specifically targeted due to its Latino ownership. Co-owner Maribel Lopez, who lost her brother and nephew in the shooting, has called for increased community action in the face of such violence. She additionally reported that the store had been the victim of at least six prior instances of burglary or robbery.

Flower bouquets and candles have since cropped up outside the grocery store as a tribute to those killed. City Councilman Oronde Mitchell suggested that the city needs to build trust within communities and upscale their crime-fighting efforts.

Concerns regarding the city’s response times and perceived lack of ambition in dealing with calls from the Latino community were raised during a press conference, which Hall promised would be addressed.