Gunfire reported at high school, campus goes on lockdown

OAKLAND, CA- Skyline High School was put on lockdown following reports of gunfire on Tuesday, according to local law enforcement. Authorities detained four individuals and arrested two, who they believe were involved in the incident. The police initiated an investigation after receiving a call about gunshots in the vicinity shortly before 11:30 a.m.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers did not locate any victims of the shooting, but they did recover a firearm. The incident has sparked concern among parents, who are seeking more information about the measures the school district is taking to ensure student safety.

One parent, Malana Weems, voiced her anxiety, stating that her children would not be attending school for the rest of the week, and possibly not the next, unless she received more information about the incident. She expressed her concern about the school’s security, stating that it was too open and the students were not safe.

Students also expressed their fears. Andres Quinteros, a student at Skyline High School, said he knew the situation was serious when he heard the gunshots and saw his peers running. He said the announcement over the loudspeaker confirmed the gravity of the situation.

The school district informed parents shortly after the incident and provided updates once it was confirmed that the students were safe. No injuries have been reported in connection with the incident.

The Oakland Unified School District Superintendent, Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell, announced that the school would remain closed on Wednesday while the police completed their investigation. She also stated that resources would be provided to students and staff for support upon their return.