Helicopter Crashes In Front Of A House And Leaves 2 Hospitalized

Helicopter crashes in front yard of a Fresno home, sending two people to hospital – Fresno Bee

A helicopter spun out of control and crashed in the front yard of a home in central California, hurting a pilot and passenger. The National Transportation Safety Board was investigating the incident further to get additional insight on how the dangerous crash came about.

The helicopter nearly crashed into a home Saturday morning in southeast Fresno, sending two people to the hospital. The helicopter did minor damage to the home, but the pilot and a passenger suffered minor injuries.

A surveying helicopter crashed on a residential street with single-family homes on one side and senior apartments on the other. The pilot and passenger were conscious and breathing and talking to the police. Considering photo evidence showing the severity of the crash, it was shocking that both of the people on board the helicopter survived the life-threatening event.

Several people heard and saw the helicopter crash. Neicy Miramontes told news sources that her 9-year-old son witnessed the helicopter in trouble. Ezekiel Carranco, 9, claimed that he saw the helicopter spinning and heard a loud boom.

The crash also affected the neighboring residences. A senior complex’s residents couldn’t get to their apartments for an hour or two, and were escorted in by police officers. However, no one else nearby was injured by the helicopter crash.

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