High school teacher dies in murder-suicide

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A murder-suicide case unfolded Monday afternoon in Philadelphia’s Grays Ferry area, leaving two individuals dead as a result of gunshot wounds. The incident took place at a residence on the 1300 line of South 30th Street in the early afternoon and is currently under investigation by homicide detectives.

Upon entering the scene, police officers discovered two bodies- a 36-year-old woman, Ondria Glaze, and a 42-year-old man, Richard Harper.

Ondria Glaze, who had been fatally shot in the right cheek, was a respected Special Education Compliance Monitor and a valued member of the Olney High School staff. The other victim, Richard Harper, was found with a shot wound to his head, suspected to be self-inflicted. A gun was found alongside Harper, adding weight to this theory.

Ondria’s death has profoundly impacted the Olney High School community, where she was dearly admired. In honor of her memory, the school is raising funds through a GoFundMe campaign to establish the “Ondria Glaze Olney Love Scholarship”. The scholarship aims to continue Glaze’s legacy of positive influence, providing a graduating senior with financial support each year.

Assistant Principal of Olney High, Andre Beckett, expressed his deep sorrow over the loss, describing the challenge of explaining such tragedy to her pupils. He praised Ondria as embodying love and patience, and expressed difficulty in comprehending the loss of such a loved individual.

Olney High School plans a vigil for Glaze on Monday, May 13, as an additional tribute to her memory.