Hiker mysteriously found dead at bottom of the Grand Canyon

GRAND CANYON, AZ – A 41-year-old hiker was found dead after an overnight camp at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The hiker, whose identity has not been disclosed yet, was discovered unresponsive east of the Pipe Creek River Resthouse along the Bright Angel Trail on Sunday morning. Despite attempts by nearby individuals and NPS personnel, efforts to resuscitate the hiker proved futile.

Officials shared that the male hiker was on his way out of the canyon after spending the night at the Bright Angel Campground close to Phantom Ranch.

The unfortunate event occurs against the backdrop of several hikers reporting mysterious sickness after visiting Havasupai Falls near Grand Canyon National Park. Some visitors were reportedly so ill that they had to be airlifted out from the canyon as they couldn’t hike back on their own.

Maylin Griffiths, a visitor at Arizona’s falls, narrated her horrific experience to AZ Family, where she fell severely ill when vacationing for her 40th birthday. Her illness got progressively worse until she and another sick friend from her group had to trek back multiple miles to a canyon village for medical attention. Their extreme GI symptoms and dangerously high temperatures were deemed life-threatening, earning them admission to a local medical clinic.

Havasupai Falls, located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation in Coconino County, frequently tests its public water sources. Recently on June 6, the Havasupai Water Department declared the water safe for human use, the Havasupai Tribe Tourism Office stated on Facebook.