Hit-and-run driver strikes 7 pedestrians before making strange statement to police

A hit-and-run driver struck seven pedestrians in Midtown Manhattan on Sunday before fleeing the scene and crashing into two cars in Queens. The driver, a 29-year-old woman whose name has not been released, was apprehended by the police and reportedly said, “It’s in God’s hands.” Authorities believe she may have been experiencing a mental-health episode at the time.

The incident took place just before midnight when the driver of a Honda Accord ran a red light at the intersection of West 36th Street and Sixth Avenue, hitting the pedestrians who were crossing the street. The driver then continued driving towards the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. The injured pedestrians were transported to Bellevue Hospital, where they are now reportedly in stable condition. Among the victims is a 34-year-old woman, identified as Italian tennis coach Giulia Gardani, who suffered a spinal cord injury.

Four men, aged 24 to 60, were also rushed to Bellevue Hospital, with one of them sustaining two broken legs. Another man was taken to Weill Cornell Medical Center, while a third man refused medical attention at the scene. Meanwhile, the hit-and-run driver continued her reckless journey and collided with two cars on the Long Island Expressway near the 188th Street exit in Queens. Thankfully, no one was injured in the second crash, and the other drivers were able to proceed after exchanging information with the police.

The driver was eventually apprehended at the scene of the second crash. Police were able to match her license plate to the Midtown incident. Despite testing, she was not determined to be under the influence of alcohol. Charges are pending against her as the investigation continues. The injured pedestrians, including Giulia Gardani, are expected to recover from their injuries. The driver’s mental state at the time of the incident is being closely examined, and she is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.