Homeless man arrested for murdering two people at bus stop

GLENDALE, AZ – In Glendale, Arizona, two fatal shootings at a local bus stop led to the arrest of a homeless individual. The shooter was identified as Dominic Celaya, 26. The tragic event occurred on Nov.20 at 51st Avenue and Northern, according to police.

Upon arrival at the crime scene, responding officers discovered 69-year-old Richard Hodakievic and 24-year-old Jaquey James. Both of the victims were suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. In a tragic turn of events, both of the individuals who were shot ultimately succumbed to their injuries. The incident left local community members in shock, with some witnessing the horrifying moment unfold.

According to police, Celaya reportedly opened fire in the air moments before the tragic shooting. Witnesses stated that the suspect then approached Hodakievic and James at the bus stop and shot them several times.

As they were searching for the suspect, officers located Celaya attempting to hide underneath a pile of compost in a nearby backyard. This discovery led to his arrest with the aid of a police K-9 unit.

Court documents reveal that prior to the fatal shooting, Celaya had engaged in a heated argument with his girlfriend while in a car, which escalated into a physical altercation. After getting out of the car, Celaya discharged two air rounds and then proceeded to target the victims.

Currently held on a $1 million cash bond, Celaya has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of unlawful firearm discharge.