Homeless man shot while digging through trash

A homeless man in Tulsa, Oklahoma, had a terrifying encounter on Sunday morning when he was shot at while searching through a trash and recycling bin. Dwanye Armstrong collects discarded items from curbsides. While doing this, he was aggressively approached by a man who tried to stop him from looking in the bins. The situation escalated when the man retrieved a gun from his car and fired a shot, causing property damage and minor injuries.

The shooting took place in a neighborhood near Sheridan and Admiral in Tulsa. It was around 9 a.m. when he was startled by the man who approached him and aggressively ordered him to stop searching through the trash bin. Armstrong, aware that curbside trash is considered public property, was taken aback by the man’s hostility.

After this confrontation, the shooter returned to his car and retrieved a .45 caliber semi-automatic Glock pistol. Armstrong, fearing for his life, believed he was about to be shot as the man pointed the gun directly at him. To Armstrong’s relief, the man fired a shot into the ground, which resulted in Armstrong’s back tire being punctured. Although he sustained minor injuries from a bullet ricochet, he wasn’t directly hit by the gunfire. Armstrong expressed his disbelief, stating that the man had no reason to resort to such violence.

Law enforcement authorities swiftly responded to the incident. They were able to locate the shooting suspect at a nearby residence. The suspect surrendered peacefully and, after being read his Miranda Warning, agreed to speak with the police. According to the police, the suspect claimed that he shot at Armstrong because he believed Armstrong was reaching for his waistband.