Homeless woman drags baby on the street by the umbilical cord after giving birth

HILO, HI – In a shocking incident in downtown Hilo, Hawaii, a homeless woman, identified as Ashley Aileen Maile Lum, 41, allegedly gave birth on a sidewalk and then dragged her newborn girl down the street by the umbilical cord. Witnesses reported seeing Lum dragging the infant before the baby got detached and the mother fled the scene.

Upon receiving the reports of an unexpected birth on Mamo and Keawe streets around 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, police and firefighters discovered the baby still attached to the cord left on the sidewalk.

The incident occurred in front of a restaurant, so many onlookers were present to witness the unsettling scene, according to police Captain Rio Amon-Wilkins. Medical personnel on the scene separated the umbilical cord and provided immediate care to the newborn. The baby, though immobile, was breathing and was immediately taken to Hilo Medical Center.

Thankful for the baby’s survival, Amon-Wilkins said that the pediatrician on duty speculated that Lum’s pregnancy might have been approximately 38 weeks long, indicating that the baby was viable.

Following her detachment from the infant, Lum attempted to leave the scene but was later apprehended and suspected of child abandonment. However, she was also transported to the hospital for medical treatment and evaluation.

Despite her arrest, Lum was released without charges as her investigation continues, given her hospital admission. Lum, recognized for years as a disgruntled resident in the downtown area, lacks prior felony convictions, although she has a minor criminal record.

The police department will share the investigation findings with the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney for potential criminal charges, as stated by Amon-Wilkins. “In my almost 25 years, I’ve never seen a case like this,” he confessed.

The newborn girl has been confirmed to be in a stable condition. As of now, the baby is under the care of Child Welfare Services. The police department has appealed to the public asking any witnesses of the incident to provide their account of the developments by contacting the authorities.