Inmate shoots and kills prison worker before turning the gun on himself

GLENNVILLE, GA – A devastating incident unfolded in a Georgia prison early on Sunday when an inmate shot and killed a prison worker before he turned the gun on himself. The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) revealed that the fatal shooting took place at Smith State Prison in Glennville.

Jaydrekus Hart, the inmate behind the deadly shootings, was serving a sentence for voluntary manslaughter. Prison records show Hart was at the early stages of a 20-year sentence and was not due for release until June 2043.

Aureon Shavea Grace, the 24-year-old prison employee who lost her life in the incident, was reportedly on duty in the prison kitchen when Hart attacked her around 4:30 a.m. According to official reports, Hart then turned the weapon on himself, committing suicide.

Responding authorities declared Grace dead on the scene, while Hart was rushed to a local hospital, where he was ultimately pronounced dead.

The GDC confirmed it was still in the process of investigating the circumstances leading up to the murder-suicide. One key question that emerged in the immediate aftermath was how Hart managed to obtain a firearm while serving his time behind bars, an answer to which has yet to be clarified by the correction authorities.

In a statement, the GDC stated that a comprehensive examination of the tragic incident would follow. The department said that GDC Special Agents were assigned to the case and are also providing staffing support at the facility during this time. The GDC pledged to offer updates as more details emerge and are confirmed.