Jeffrey Dahmer copycat killer tried to kidnap and murder men he met on Grinder dating app

A 21-year-old man from Louisiana has been given a 45-year sentence in prison due to his plan to imitate the actions of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Chance Seneca, a resident of Lafayette Parish, used the gay dating app Grindr to locate and target one victim in particular, as well as other homosexual men. He plotted to attack these men in the year 2020 based on their orientation and gender, as reported by the Justice Department.

In 2020, when Seneca was only a teenager, he encountered a person called H.W. on the Grindr app. Little did the victim know that Seneca had the intent of murdering him and cutting his body into pieces.

It is reported that after meeting on the app, Seneca drove the victim to a deserted house and pointed a gun at him, making him wear handcuffs. Seneca then tried to take the life of H.W. using various methods, and later attempted to cut apart his body.

Seneca admitted to law enforcement that he had strangled H.W. until the victim lost consciousness. He placed the victim’s body in a bathtub, struck the back of H.W.’s head with a hammer, and pierced his neck with icicles before dialing 911.

Court documents reveal that the individual went into a coma but ultimately survived. Furthermore, the Department of Justice released a statement claiming that Seneca had intentions to kidnap and murder other homosexual men in order to replicate the atrocities conducted by the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Brandon B. Brown, U.S. Attorney, labelled Seneca’s actions as “hate crimes” and urged the public to be alert and careful when using the internet in order to prevent more tragic cases like this one.

Seneca had committed the crimes prior to Netflix creating a 2022 TV series called “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”, that brought back awareness of one of the most famous serial killers in America who murdered 17 men and boys during the 1980s.