Kansas City nightclub shooting leaves three dead, two more injured

A chilling episode of gun violence unfolded in the early hours of Sunday at Klymax Lounge, a Kansas City nightclub. The shooting resulted in the death of three individuals, while two others were left injured.

The shooting was reported at about 1:25 a.m., prompting immediate response from law enforcement.

Upon arrival at the crime scene, police found five adult victims. Two were pronounced dead on-site – one discovered outside the nightclub, the other inside. The remaining three victims were urgently transported to a nearby hospital, where unfortunately, one later succumbed to their injuries. Of the two survivors, one is reportedly in stable condition while the other victim is in critical condition.

In the aftermath of the shooting, investigators have been tirelessly scourging the scene for evidence, as well as identifying potential witnesses.

A local anonymous resident recounted awakening to the horrifying sound of around 10 gunshots, followed by a brief pause and another five shots. She described the shocking sight of a young woman’s body lying near the club entrance, with people casually stepping over it to leave the premises.

Two additional bodies were seen near a streetlamp close by. The witness further observed the heart-wrenching scene of an emergency medical team carrying another body away on a stretcher from a nearby location.