Kids found abducted inside grocery store after 1 year of being missing

On Wednesday, two children who had been abducted from Missouri were discovered in a grocery store in Florida, almost a year after they had gone missing.

The High Springs Police Department reported that Brooke and Adrian Gilley were located alongside their mother, Kristi Nicole Gilley (36), at a Winn-Dixie store located approximately 20 miles away from Gainesville.

Law enforcement was running a routine check on license plates in the parking lot when they identified one belonging to Gilley, who was wanted by the authorities. According to the police, they found her shopping with two young kids and all three had taken measures to alter their appearance.

In July 2022, an arrest warrant was issued for Gilley in Clay County, Missouri for kidnapping. This was issued months after the last sighting of the children.

Brooke and Adrian, aged 10 and 12, vanished in March. It was previously assumed that they were in California alongside Kristi Gilley.

The High Springs police department reported that the children involved were released to the Florida Department of Children and Families Services, and will be returned to their custodial guardians.