Kyiv Attacked as Russia Delivers Brutal Response to Sunken Warship

Kyiv Rocked by Explosions as Russia Steps Up Attacks – The Wall Street Journal

Russia lost the “pride” of its Black Sea Fleet to a Ukrainian Missile, taking down up to 500 sailors on board.  In response, Russia directly targeted Kyiv for more strikes and has already left behind north of 900 civilian bodies (many shot by snipers or executed).  The latest travesties unfolding in Ukraine make one wonder,  How long before my country is involved?  The U.S. has not been shy about aiding and supporting Ukraine, which is undoubtedly the humane, democratic, and patriotic thing to do.   However, the law of unintended consequences is rapidly approaching. The White House even goes so far as to “war game” out the first several weeks of a full-scale-heavy casualty invasion of Russia proper this week.

The U.S. Military has also stepped up its own game in the conflict by directly delivering the Ukrainian forces real-time intel on where to strike to do the most damage with every defensive attack on Russia’s forces.  The Ukrainian forces inch closer every day, making it impossible for Russia to take over or secure the nation.  This places Russia’s counter moves into the tough choice of elevating with extreme and unimaginable weapons or simply withdrawing and facing what is coming anyway, long periods of sanctions, war crime trials, and general persecution for the actions of Vladimir Putin’s Regime.

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