Lawsuit alleges doctor decapitated baby during nightmare delivery

A couple in Georgia has filed a lawsuit alleging that a doctor decapitated their baby during a traumatic delivery at Southern Regional Hospital. The legal case accuses Dr. Tracey St Julian of gross negligence while also implicating several nurses for concealing the incident. The parents, Jessica Ross and Treveon Taylor, are seeking justice for their son’s tragic death and are determined to shed light on what they describe as a cover-up by the medical center.

According to the lawsuit, the couple’s excitement about the birth of their first child turned into a nightmare when their baby died during a complicated delivery. The attorney representing the parents claims that Dr. St Julian used excessive force during the delivery, resulting in the baby’s skull, face, and neck bones being broken. The lawsuit further alleges that the doctor failed to perform a cesarean delivery, despite the couple’s prior request.

During a news conference, the couple’s legal team revealed shocking details of the alleged cover-up. They claimed that medical staff wrapped the baby’s body in a blanket and propped up his head to make it appear as if it was still attached. The incident was not reported, and the parents only discovered the truth while making arrangements at the crematorium four days after their son’s death.

The Medical Examiner’s office and Clayton County Police are currently investigating the case. Prime Healthcare Services, the owner of Southern Regional Hospital, expressed their condolences to the family and stated that they are committed to providing compassionate care. The hospital clarified that Dr. St Julian was not an employee and that appropriate measures have been taken in response to the situation.

The lawsuit accuses Dr. St Julian and Southern Regional Medical Centre of gross negligence, fraud, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. In addition to seeking unspecified compensatory damages, the parents are also requesting coverage for their infant’s $10,000 funeral expenses.

As the investigation continues, the couple’s lawyers are highlighting the issue of infant mortality rates among black women. The defendants have not yet responded publicly to the allegations.