Little boy fatally stabbed by 5-year-old twin brother while they were playing

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA – A fatal incident involving five-year-old twin boys occurred in Scotts Valley, California. According to the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office, one of the brothers accidentally stabbed the other while the pair were engaged in a playful fight. The wounded child was immediately rushed to the hospital but did not survive his injuries.

After investigating the circumstances of the situation, the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office found no evidence of criminal activity or negligence, stating that the child seemed to have had no understanding of the severity of his actions. The Penal Code 26 declares children under 14 as unable to commit a crime unless they understand the wrongfulness behind their acts during the incident.

In California, the juvenile court hears cases involving minors from ages 12 to 17, implying there are no applicable legal avenues for this particular situation. Despite these circumstances, the District Attorney’s office initiated an investigation to verify if the children were under proper supervision or not.

Steven Clark, a former prosecutor, shared that the quick announcement from the Sheriff’s Office that there was no negligence seemed to suggest that the family was behaving appropriately. According to him, this appears to be a terrible and tragic isolated incident.

A statement on the tragic event was shared on Facebook by the Sheriff’s Office. They acknowledged their attempted life-saving efforts, but the child tragically passed away. They expressed their profound sadness, sharing the grief of the boy’s family.

Ashley Keehn, the public information officer for the Sheriff’s Office, echoed these sentiments, stating that the incident was a grievous accident with no negligence involved.

The parents of the twins have asked for privacy during this difficult time and haven’t shared any public information about their family.